Silver  Fern Kitchens


10 year warranty

Silver Fern Kitchens will warrant against any defective workmanship for 10 years on payment in full of the total cost of your new kitchen. 

Silver Fern kitchens Warranties Introduction Silver Fern kitchens uses the best material available for the manufacture of your kitchen. Silver Fern kitchens only uses quality materials backed by its suppliers. We offer two types of warranties as follow: 

1. The first type of warranty is for specific items such as specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances. These warranties are made by the manufacturer of these specialized surfaces, accessories and appliances. Our suppliers support their brand name to give customers peace of mind. Please read warranty terms so that you understand your rights and obligations. 

2. The second type of warranty is for general workmanship and installation of the Silver Fern kitchens Kitchen. It is a full-satisfaction guarantee to support our commitment to service quality. 

All other items and workmanship do not have any warranty. 

Warranties for Specific Items Refer to specific manufacturer’s web-site for more details. 

TriStone 100% Acrylic Solid Surface 

10 year manufacturers warranty. Refer to manufacturer’s web-site for more details.

 LakeLand Sinks & Bowls 

10 year manufacturers warranty. 

Proform Thermal Formed Doors 

5 year Proform Warranty subject to colour availability. 

Surfacemat Antibacterial Matting 

10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

Oliveri Sinks & Bowls 

10 year Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

PrimePanels Laminates 

7 year Manufacturer’s Warranty subject to colour and material availability. 

Bestwood Laminates 

5 year Silver Fern kitchens Warranty as per CGA 93 subject to colour and material availability. 

Melteca Laminates 

7 year Manufacturer’s Warranty subject to colour and material availability. 

More info. Hettich Hardware & Fittings Lifetime Manufacturer’s Warranty. Warranty for General Workmanship and Defective Materials All items listed as specific items above are provided with warranties by each manufacturer. All items are subject to color availability at the time of any future claim. Silver Fern kitchens Kitchens have relationships with suppliers that have proven products for customer peace of mind. Silver Fern kitchens will warrant against any defective workman-ship for 10 years on payment in full of the total cost of the kitchen to Silver Fern kitchens. This guarantee is in addition to your normal statutory entitlements and specific legal rights as provided for in the Consumer Guarantees Act 1993. 

1. If there is a defect in the workmanship in the installation of Kitchen Components during the relevant warranty period for that Kitchen Component as in the Manufacturer’s Warranty, Silver Fern kitchens (as its only obligation) will: 

A. supply a replacement Kitchen Component if still available or one of similar quality free of charge or design a Kitchen Component and replacement B. and install the replacement Kitchen Component free of charge. 

2. This Warranty forms part of the contract you entered into with Silver Fern kitchens for the supply of the Kitchen Components. If there is an inconsistency between the terms of this Warranty and the terms and conditions of supply, the terms of the Warranty will prevail. 3. This Warranty does not cover the following circumstances: 

A. An act or acts of God, any natural occurrence or other circumstances not within the control of Silver Fern kitchens (such as fire or water damage). 

B. Any act by any person, (other than an employee of Silver Fern kitchens or a subcontractor recommended by Silver Fern kitchens ), whether by error, neglect or intentional or unintentional misuse, which in any way alters the appearance and/or structure of the Kitchen Components as supplied by Silver Fern kitchens . High Moisture Resistant Board (HMR) will not deteriorate if water, steam and oil spills are wiped off immediately. However, HMR will deteriorate if water, steam and oils are left to soak into the material, in which case the Warranty does not apply. 

C. Use of surface cleaners excluded by the manufacturer other than those approved by the manufacturer. 

D. If care is not taken in regard to the potential of moisture to damage the Kitchen Components. Benchtop mitre joins cannot withstand water overflows and steam caused by kettles being placed over the join. Such damage is not covered under the terms of this Warranty. 

E. Shrinkage of panels and joints in the Kitchen Components is normal. The manufacturer’s specifications will apply to determine whether any shrinkage of the Kitchen Components is within the normal range. 

F. Lacquer work to timber doors where the lacquer has deteriorated due to exposure to water, solvents, pump action cleaners, and normal wear and tear from daily use. 

G. If you have conducted your own installation, 

H any damage to the kitchen due to faulty or incorrect installation. 

Any damage to Kitchen Components caused during delivery, other than damage caused during delivery arranged by Silver Fern kitchens . 

I. Natural fading or damage due to direct or indirect exposure to ultra violet light or sunlight. 

J. Normal wear and tear. Please note that abrasives or solvent cleaners, should not be used to clean any of the Kitchen Components, which should be wiped over with a moist warm cloth and dried immediately. 

K. Alteration of any part of the Kitchen Components by any person including the Customer other than an employee of Silver Fern kitchens or a sub-contractor directly recommended by Silver Fern kitchens for any works beyond what was agreed to in the first instance. 

L. Silver Fern kitchens will not be obliged to comply with its obligations under this Warranty unless and until you have paid the full purchase price for the Kitchen Components. 

M. Any claims after the date of the expiry of the Manufacturer’s Warranty. 

4. Silver Fern kitchens may require you to provide dated proof of the original purchase and installation clearly showing the date of purchase and the date of installation before it provides repair or replacement for Kitchen Components under the terms of the Warranty. 

5. This warranty is not transferable or assignable. The warranty will expire if sold, transferred or assigned. If you are not the original purchaser of the Kitchen Components and those Kitchen Components were installed, Silver Fern kitchens will require you to provide dated proof of the original purchase and installation clearly showing the date of purchase and the date of installation before it agrees provides a replacement Kitchen Component under the terms of the Warranty. 

6. This Warranty does not cover any appliances or other goods (other than kitchen components) that may be provided by any supplier, including Silver Fern kitchens . All appliances or other goods are covered as per the manufacturers own warranty or guarantee (specific details will be supplied on request). 

                                          Consumer Guarantees Act 

 A warranty is the manufacturer’s or trader’s guarantee that goods or services will last as long as the warranty says it will. The terms and conditions of the warranty are decided by the manufacturer or trader and might cover more or less than the Consumer Guarantees Act offers. The warranty doesn’t replace your rights under the Consumer Guarantees Act. Find out more about what the Consumer Guarantees Act covers and how to get a remedy. Silver Fern kitchens will assist the Customer to resolve any issues that may arise under warranty as we have supported our products for more than 17 years. 

We will contact the manufacturers on your behalf for any legitimate warranty claims. We will help you identify any problems caused by subcontractors as a result of work that has not been done correctly such as flooring not being sealed correctly to the joinery, appliances not been installed correctly or sealed correctly and resulting in water damage or heating damage. In these cases the subcontractors must accept liability. 

                                                                      Helpful Questions & Answers

Silver Fern kitchens uses the best material available for the manufacture of your kitchen. We make it easy for you. Your consumer rights under the 

Consumer Guarantees Act say that goods must: 

* be fit for the purpose they are made for 

* be safe 

* be durable – last for a reasonable time 

* have no minor defects 

* be acceptable in look and finish. 

How long can I expect my goods to last?

 If you have a computer and the warranty is for one year, that doesn’t mean that you expect a new computer to only last one year. It is reasonable to expect that a new computer would last at least five years. Under the Consumer Guarantees Act you can get a remedy if the goods don’t last for a reasonable time. 

Reasonable use 

You are responsible for looking after the goods. If there are instructions included with the product read these and make sure you are following them. If you accidentally take your new MP3 player swimming with you, and it is not waterproof, it is not the fault of the goods or the trader if the MP3 player stops working. 

Got a problem with a warranty? 

What to do if you have a problem getting a repair, refund or replacement under a warranty or the Consumer Guaranties Act. 

What can I do if something I bought and didn’t last as long as the expectation?

 Explain that under the Consumer Guarantees Act they must repair, replace or refund the faulty goods if the problem is minor or give you a refund, replacement or compensation if the problem is serious. You can also go to the manufacturer or importer to get the problem fixed. You can use the warranty if this applies to your problem, or you can claim compensation.