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U-shaped kitchen

General Care:

Kitchen daily care should be taken to ensure they are not exposed to high levels of heat, moisture, steam and humidity. For cleaning, we recommend wiping with a sft damp cloth with warm soapy water and then drying with a soft, dry cloth. Any accidental spills are wiped up immediately.

DO NOT use commercial cleaning products, abrasive papers, acids, solvents, thinners, methylated spirits, bleach or any other strong cleaners to clean. 

Use of these cleaners will void your 10 year warranty.

engineered stone benchtop


Light dusting followed by cleaning with warm soapy water is enough to restore the shine to the benchtops. We do recommend spills, like wine, tea, vinegar, coffee etc, are wiped up as soon as possible because it is easier to deal with a spill than a dried stain. Make sure not to use any abrasives or harsh chemicals on the benchtops. 

U-shaped handless kitchen

MDF Cabinetry

For daily cleaning, a soft cloth should always be used, apply cleaning products to the cloth rather than directy onto the cabinetries. For textured finishes, the periodic use of a soft brush may be necessary for the removal of dirt build-ups and residues left by some spray on cleaners.

Apart from above, please:

  • DO NOT use your kettle, toaster or other heat emitting appliances directly below overhead cupboards;

  • DO NOT use your kettle, toaster or other heat emitting appliances directly behind or next to any doors or panels.

  • DO NOT use a paper towel to clean Acrylic or Lacquered Doors and fronts;

  • DO NOT dry wipe doors and panels at any time;

  • DO NOT use hard brushes, scourers or scrapers on doors and panels;

  • DO NOT use abrasive cleaners, thinners or methylated spirits.

  • The use of scouring pads, abrasive cloths, cream cleaners, plant based cleaners, cutting compounds or polishes is not recommended.

Doing any of these will void your 10 year warranty.

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